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Lima Europe
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We are a global source for cutting-edge nutritional products designed to elevate plant and crop performance. As a leading producer of specialized solutions, we empower farmers, growers, and agricultural enthusiasts worldwide to achieve extraordinary results in plant cultivation.

Whether you're seeking powerful foliar nutrition or highly effective drip irrigation solutions, our offerings cater to all preferences and needs. Furthermore, our soil improvers enrich the land, promoting sustainable agriculture and healthier ecosystems!


In 2008 Lima started producing highly concentrated liquid formulations combining Micro and Macro nutrients with liquid adjuvants in an acidic product.

As pioneer in this technology we have perfected our formulations throughout the years and added many products to our catalogue. Some of which including unique and patented technologies.

Lima Europe NV's GroGreen Blue-S product in de 3 verschillende verpakkingsmogelijkheden
Lima Europe NV's GroGreen Pro-Forte product in de 3 verschillende verpakkingsmogelijkheden

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