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is a global supplier of nutritional products. Founded in Belgium in 1999 and since then active in 50+ countries. Operating within planetary boundaries, we provide innovative nutritional products that uphold standards of safety and quality. We use innovation not solely to build high quality products, but also to drive higher levels of productivity, efficiency and sustainability.  

What sets us apart from others and uniquely places us in a position to support our clients' growth is our exclusive GROGREEN GEL Technology. We were the first in our field to launch a range of fertilizing products in the form of a gel.


Our Philosophy at Lima Europe is simple: to be a leading provider of sustainable and effective solutions in the industry of plant nutrition. We strive to make a meaningful difference in the world by creating a positive and supportive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow, learn and succeed.

We are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices: working to minimize our impact on the environment while ensuring that our products are safe and effective. Our passion for innovation drives us to constantly seek out innovative and better ways to strengthen the sustainability of our food systems.


Achieving eminence in the agricultural world through 3 fundamental principles:

  • In-depth knowledge: Our knowledge of the biological and chemical properties of the raw materials, stemming from 24 years of experience, drives us to formulate prime products and to continuously stay at the forefront. 

  • High quality raw materialsWe apply our extensive knowledge and experience to develop the best solutions with the finest European raw materials.   

  • Tailor our products: Actively seeking to measure and improve the customer experience beyond short-term fixes. Our strength lies in our adaptability and customer centered approach: we consult with our customers and work with them to deliver customized solutions, tailored to meet their unique needs.

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Doelhaagstraat 77/1

2840 Rumst

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